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Welcome to the CEO Power House of Azy De Silwa, where strategic brilliance and visionary leadership collide. Azy De Silwa, a well-known CEO and innovator in the field, has put up this platform to enable business owners and executives all over the world to improve their leadership skills and bring about revolutionary change.

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Azy De Silwa's Vision

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder NotchLN

Give leaders the resources, information, and motivation they require to succeed in the fast-paced business environment of today. By providing a combination of strategic direction, tools for leadership development, and thought-provoking ideas, we enable executives to reach their greatest potential and lead with assurance.

Azy De Silwa

What my clients are saying.

We had the pleasure of working with Azy, a talented CTO, who crafted a stunning IT Part for Waterqo. The attention to detail and design expertise showcased in our site exceeded expectations. Highly recommended for a seamless and visually appealing development experience!
Damith Pradeep Silwa
Waterqo Swimming Pools (pvt) Ltd - MD
For my business and me, working with Azy has been a complete game-changer. When I first reached out for help, I was greeted with professionalism, knowledge, and sincere concern for the future of my company. Azy De Silwapersonally took the time to comprehend our particular difficulties and offered priceless advice that enabled us to get over roadblocks and accomplish our objectives. Our expectations were surpassed by the exceptional service and individual attention we received. To anyone looking for professional advice and assistance in managing the challenges of business, I heartily suggest Azy De Silwa.
Chamika Krishan
Aliens (pvt) Ltd - CEO
Your attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality product are truly commendable. I am confident that this website will significantly contribute to our online presence and user engagement. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I look forward to continued collaboration on future projects.
Dilan Jayamuni
Tassei Tech (pvt) Ltd - COO
I can't say enough good things about Azy! The knowledge and direction of Azy De Silwahave been crucial to our company's success in the cutthroat industry of today. The degree of professionalism and meticulousness exhibited by Azy and his group is just remarkable. Every conversation has been fruitful, educational, and immensely beneficial. We've been able to improve our bottom line by streamlining our operations and increasing efficiency because of Azy De Silwa. You need look no further than Azy De Silwaif you're seeking for professional guidance and unmatched assistance for your company.
Udaya Kantha Warnakulasooriya
Product Lead
For our business, collaborating with Azy De Silwahas been nothing short of revolutionary. Azy and his staff have surpassed all expectations, starting with the initial consultation and continuing with the continuous support. Their creative solutions and in-depth understanding of business tactics have elevated our growth trajectory to unprecedented heights. Azy's Business is unique because of their individualized approach and sincere desire to see their clients thrive. The outcomes—more income, higher productivity, and a more formidable competitive edge—speak for themselves. Azy De Silwa is the partner you need by your side if you're serious about growing your company.
Jayantha De Silva
Choosing to collaborate with Azy De Silwawas one of the best moves we could have taken as a startup. We were able to overcome difficult obstacles with ease because to Azy's strategic insights and in-depth knowledge of industry trends. His commitment to our achievement was immediately apparent as he offered customized solutions that fueled our expansion. Azy De Silwa is a dependable advisor who is dedicated to helping their clients succeed, not just a consultant. We never would have imagined that we could scale our business as quickly and effectively as we have with their help. You need look no farther than Azy De Silwaif you're searching for knowledge, honesty, and outcomes.

Boosting Achievement with Our Methodical Approach

Initial Consultation

Our process starts with a free consultation during which we take the time to learn about your particular goals, difficulties, and needs. This step enables us to adjust our strategy to better meet your needs.

Methodical Scheduling

Our team of professionals performs thorough strategic planning sessions after the initial consultation. We evaluate industry trends, examine data, and create all-encompassing plans of action to help you reach your objectives.


Now that we have a strong plan in place, we can proceed to the implementation stage. Our committed staff uses state-of-the-art tools and technology to implement the suggested solutions with diligence and produce noticeable outcomes.


We keep a careful eye on the advancement of our projects since we think that improvement is a constant process. By means of periodic evaluations and monitoring of performance, we pinpoint domains for enhancement and improvement, guaranteeing optimal efficiency.

Input and Cooperation

Teamwork is essential to our procedure. We appreciate your opinions and suggestions at every turn in the process. By encouraging candid dialogue and teamwork, we create solid alliances that promote success for all parties.

Deliverables and Outcomes

Delivering measurable results that surpass your expectations is our ultimate goal. We gauge our performance by the results we attain, be it higher profitability, increased production, or increased efficiency.

Continuous Assistance

Our dedication to your achievement doesn't stop after the job is over. To assist you in overcoming obstacles, taking advantage of opportunities, and maintaining long-term success, we offer continuous support and direction.

Frequently asked questions.

Who is Azy De Silwa?

Renowned CEO Azy De Silwa is well-known for his prowess in technology, innovation, and company management. Possessing extensive expertise in spearheading prosperous endeavors, Azy is committed to disseminating his knowledge and enabling people to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Azy De Silwa's Main Shareholdings

NotchLN PLC 68% Reference

XCOPE ICU 70% Reference

Azy De Silwa Organization 99% Reference

IIC International School 50% Reference

Vandarrah cosmetics (pvt) Ltd 48% Reference

Sri Vishwa Buddha Muni Organization Reference

Acira Naki co. 25% Reference

Aliens (pvt) Ltd Reference

What is CEO Power House?

Azy De Silwa's platform, CEO Power House, is where he offers insightful tools, tactics, and counsel to prospective business owners and executives. It acts as a center for professional growth, networking, and information sharing in the business sector.

Azy's Executive Coaching Service

Take advantage of our executive coaching services to reach new heights as a leader. Our knowledgeable coaches offer tailored advice and assistance to help you reach your career objectives, improve your ability to make decisions, and hone your leadership skills. With individualized development programs and one-on-one meetings, we enable professionals to reach their greatest potential, spur company expansion, and confidently handle challenging situations. Join us as we set out on a transformative path to leadership excellence.

What kind of content can I expect on CEO Power House?

A wide variety of content catered to the requirements of business professionals and entrepreneurs is available at CEO Power House. There is something for everyone looking to improve their business acumen, from blog pieces and articles about leadership, innovation, and industry trends to video Featureds and exclusive interviews with professionals in the field.

How can I contact Azy De Silwa For speaking engagements or collaborations?

For business queries, collaborations, or speaking engagements, please visit the CEO Power House website's Contact page. A member of the team will contact you as soon as possible if you complete the form with your information and requirements.

Is CEO Power House affiliated with any other organizations?

CEO Power House is a stand-alone platform that Azy De Silwa Founded and oversees. While Azy occasionally works with other organizations or business partners, CEO Power House is a stand-alone company committed to giving its audience useful materials and insights.

Can I submit guest posts or contribute content to CEO Power House?

CEO Power House does not currently accept unsolicited contributions or guest pieces. However, do use the Contact page to get in touch with us if you have any ideas for a collaboration or content partnership. We would be pleased to talk about any possible options.

How often is the content on CEO Power House updated?

CEO Power House updates its content frequently to give users access to the most recent information on business trends, insights, and tools. To be updated about new material releases and updates, make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our email.

Are there any membership or subscription fees to access CEO Power House content?

No, access to CEO Power House is totally free. Visitors to the site are not required to pay any membership or subscription fees in order to access any content. To explore the abundance of articles, information, and insights provided by Azy De Silwaand his colleagues, just visit the website.